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UConnect eLearning Solutions will give you the foundation and expertise in three critical areas of business success with our online business courses.

Sales Coaching – How to Sell. This Online Sales Coaching will give you insights and actionable steps to improve sales and get to what REALLY matters – YOU and Your Client.

Leadership Mastery. This Online Management Course will supply the Leadership Skills to lead your team. In Leadership Mastery, you will learn how to lead and how YOU lead.

Customer Service Skills. The Shift! Our Online Customer Service Course will help create the company known for its customer service skills. Retain customers and get new customers with a DYNAMIC Customer Experience.

UConnect eLearning Solutions is taking the lead in online business courses. Tell us how we can help you and your organization.

eLearning Solutions

Sales Coaching

How to Sell!

eLearning Course

Sales – Made simple! Once you understand the WHY-Behind-the-Buy you will quickly close any sell. Follow this short formula every time and watch your sales and your passion grow!

Customer Experience

Dynamic Customer Service!

eLearning Course

YOU are the voice of the company.  Create an experience completely aligned with your company’s Vision, Mission and Values.  Respect and Trust will become second nature for the client and you!

Leadership Mastery

Developing a Management Team!

eLearning Course

Leadership means knowing your company, your staff and yourself!  Set goals and understand how to create your leadership style that will build a dynamic team and take your company to the next level!

Here is the Intro to Leadership Mastery


A Leadership Online Course
Leadership Mastery

The Five Leadership Skills to Success!

Now it’s your turn to succeed!

TOOLS!  This is not just a rah-rah session on Management and Leadership – this program will provide valuable tools for you to use and share with your team.  One-stop – all the tools you need in one place to make your team shine and excel!

Whether you are an organization, or an individual looking to build or revamp your leadership skills, this Leadership Mastery Certification program is for you.

Managers and Leaders breathe the mission, vision, and values into their organization every day. By setting the standards and creating an accountable team, you are ready for success.

Venture into the easiest program you will ever find to bring YOU, your team and your company to the next level.

This program will transform your leadership skills into a simple, organized structure that can be repeated time and time again.

Just 5 steps to the ultimate goals of growth and leadership. You will take a trip through time as we reconstruct the Memorial Bridge!

WHAT?! How does that relate to leadership?

Soon …you’ll see, as we build our leadership skills from the ground up.


Here is the Intro to Customer Service Skills – The Shift!


An Online Customer Service Skills Course
Customer Service Skills- The Shift!

Customer Service Skills for the Exceptional Customer Experience! Business Growth.
So what do we mean by “The Shift!” Simply put you can’t improve in Customer Service until you SHIFT.  Shift the way you are thinking.  Shift the way you are responding. Shift your actions and reactions to match your Mission, Vision and Values.

Customer Service does not reside on an island – it is a living breathing part of your company.  Every conversation, every emotion and every transaction must imbibe these skills.  Without exceptional customer service you will be like every other company out there.

What makes your company unique?  How about something as simple as CONSISTENTLY working through and helping every client/customer with their issue until it is completely resolved.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  How many companies actually do this?  Far and few between.  Be the company that makes the SHIFT now and you will see employee and customer satisfaction excel!

In this Dynamic Online eLearning Program, your teams’ skills will evolve quickly and simply.  You can easily take this program and virtually hold team or company meetings on each aspect of the online course.  You can even download a piece at a time and teach others in small chunks of time.

Keep in mind – if you need help coaching your teams – We’re here for you.  We provide individual as well as team coaching to increase results quickly and easily for all.


Here is the Intro to Sales Coaching – How to Sell!


Sales Coaching Online Course
Sales Coaching!

How to Close Sales! DO IT NOW!

In this E-Learning Solutions Sales Coaching Course, you will discover the Why Behind the Buy.  If you truly believe in the product or service that you are offering, then you will want to make sure that every single person or company that is attracted to your product truly understands and believes in your ability to help them and their company get to the next level in what they are doing.  No buyers remorse here!

When you enroll for the Complete Sales Course you will get:

  • An Interactive workbook-providing a play-by-play script along the way!
  • Learning Checks Points – to reinforce each step along the way.
  • Real life examples bringing the course to life!
  • A tried-and-true Model – The Why-Buy Model for Success!
  • H.E.L.P – Guaranteed solution to any Objections you run into in the sales process.

In this simple 7 Chapter Course you will be able to quickly close sales now.  Don’t wait to learn the secrets to the sell.  You will have everything you need to close sales now AND have a consistent model to plug into for every client meeting you have.

Use the button above or this link below to see the course curriculum and register.


Sales Coaching FREE Mini Course!

You’ve got it!! Here is your FREE Mini Course – starting with Part II of the Sales Training Course.


Hi, How can we help you?

Let us know what you are looking for. If you are looking for a program customized specific to your needs or your company’s needs, just let us know.

We build and deliver programs or eLearning Solutions for you. Are you looking to provide your own in-house delivery? Great! We will train-the-trainer for your own in-house delivery – online or in person.

All online programs are also available in person.

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What Our Clients are Saying…

″Holly Katko provides exceptional in-person and virtual training that is customized to your needs…

She has helped increase our sales numbers dramatically with her innovative sales training!

Holly also has helped our company with leadership and strategic planning. Through her guidance we were able to set long-term achievable goals and she helped our management staff see the big picture in studio success.

Denis Byrd
PA Developer Amazing Lash Studio, Amazing Lash Studio Owner

″Holly’s excellent at creating a curriculum that’s designed for success…

I have had the privilege of working with Holly for the last 8 years. As a past Regional Developer/Partner for Massage Envy in Chicago, compliance, unit level sales and leadership & operations were key ingredients to helping us build one of the most successful regions in the country with regional sales North of $60 million! Holly was an integral part of helping us lead that effort through providing consistent direction in Operational Standard Reviews, organizing and getting buy-in on the franchisee level for sales and leadership workshops and helping bridge the gap with corporate on training and development.

At all times Holly’s efforts were at the highest level helping to move the needle and create change on the unit level sales and leadership approach, while always adhering to brand standards.

She’s excellent at creating a curriculum that’s designed for success while engaging her audience to interact and excel! Throughout these exchanges, Holly always leads with professionalism while never taking the focus off of the targeted goal! If your needing a true professional for any of these initiatives, Holly Katko is a proven performer.

Peter Carlson
Developer at PROSE/Regional Developer at OurTown America/FedEx Ground Owner


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