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Are you having difficult with client retention and wondering what can be done about it?

I have an easy solution for you – The Shift!

Client retention is all about how to ensure your clients are managed from the minute they purchase your services and all the way through that wonderful long term customer relationship.  How? With developing strong business and friendship-minded relationships. It’s all about understanding the clients why. Why do they do what they do and Why do they do business with you?

Customer Service is all about building and retaining long term relationships. Even if you only speak to a particular client once that client sees you as the face of the company. Build on your company’s Vision Mission and Values and ensure every employee and every client knows that you have a culture of caring and results. This is what keeps clients coming back time and time again.

In this Dynamic Online eLearning Program, your team’s skills will evolve quickly and simply. You can easily take this program and virtually hold team or company meetings on each aspect of the online course. You can even download a piece at a time and teach others in small chunks of time.

Keep in mind – if you need help coaching your teams – We’re here for you. We provide individual as well as team coaching to increase results quickly and easily for all.

What is Customer Service?

The Customer Experience starts at the top. Are customers turned off by your customer service? Can you say that your company effectively and happily inter-relates with all of your clients all of the time?

Business Etiquette - What is Etiquette for Business?

Whether you are in the office talking to a customer on the phone, or out of the office talking to a vendor, business etiquette and good manners are critical to professionalism.

Telephone Etiquette - Telephone Customer Services

Have you ever made a phone call and the person on the other end either sounded like they didn’t care or simply was rude? Probably just about every day – right! Stand out in the crowd and make you and your company different through telephone etiquette.

Difficult Customers - Dealing with Difficult People

“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Ok, maybe our clients aren’t that gruff, but sometimes pretty close!

Understanding Personality Types Improves Customer Service

Knowing your clients, prospects, team members’ personalities and most importantly your own are key to building relationships for now and in the future.

The foundation you need to succeed in all Sales Opportunities!

Sales Training – How to Sell!
Sales Training – How to Sell!

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Principles of Leadership
Principles of Leadership


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